Back To School Covid Safety

School is an important piece to your child's development, both academically and socially. Figuring out a way to resume in person schooling will be an important issue facing our elected officials, schools and you. We know that at some point schools will re-open, and being in the know on how to protect your child will be a key in not just ensuring their health, but also the health of other students and staff.

Here are some things you should make routine once your child returns to school.

Take Your Child's Temperature

Just like teeth brushing, you should make a morning temperature check part of the school readiness routine. While schools will certainly be checking temperatures at the door, doing it at home will prevent a sick child from making it on campus. By the time the at school check is done your child will already be on campus and around other students and staff. Doing this check at home first will prevent the potential spread.

Hand Washing and Sanitizing

At this point your child is probably used to sanitizing and washing their hands frequently. Make sure they understand the importance of this even when on their own at school.

Every time your child transitions during the day get them in the habit of hand washing or sanitizing; when they arrive at school, when they go on break, when they return from break, before eating, after school, etc. 

Another good practice is the sink/sanitizer bottle technique. Whenever your child passes a sink or bottle of hand sanitizer tell them to use it.

Also, make sure to pack a bottle of PurTouch sanitizer or PurTouch Antiseptic wipes in your kids backpack. You always want them to have easily accessible sanitizing. 

Pack Lunches

Schools will do everything they can to make their lunches safe. However, it will still be a good practice (if possible) to pack your kids a lunch. A lunch served by the school will pass through many hands, and while we hope they will use safe practices, you shouldn't rely on it. Take a few extra minutes in the mornings and pack your a lunch, it will give you that extra peace of mind.

Avoid The School Bus

Like packing lunches, this will be an inconvenience for some. Yet, if at all possible avoid having your child ride on the school bus. If you can't drive them, walking, biking, or even a small carpool would be a better option than a bus.

A Mask

Schools may or may not require a students where a mask at all times. If they do not you should encourage your child to wear one whenever possible, especially when physical distancing of 6 feet is not possible. Let them hunt online for a mask that they like, think is fashionable and/or funny. This will encourage them to wear it and show it off.

Wipe Downs

Pack a canister of PurTouch wipes in your child's backpack. Encourage your child to wipe down high touch surfaces such as, desks, computer keyboards, door handles, seats, etc. These surfaces will be extremely high risk as we know kids hands go everywhere before touching things. A simple wipe down could be the difference in stopping the spread of Covid.


Finally, when your child returns from school have them take a shower immediately. Their dirty clothes should go straight to the washing machine. This will help protect your family and home from any at school contamination.

As schools begin to re-open there will certainly be requirements of the school for safety. It will be important to follow their guidelines. With the safety measures implemented by the school at school and the above family safety measures, you can help ensure your child's safety as well as the safety of other students and staff.