Covid Production Increase

In comparison to the giants in our industry, PurTouch has been a smaller company with a focus on B2B direct supply to medical facilities and government. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit we quickly saw the need to increase our production, not only for our existing clients but also to fill the need in the country that would inevitably come. 

We immediately began expanding our production lines and output capacity. It has taken nearly 6 months but we have reached a point where we can keep our clients stocked as well as begin offering products direct to consumers.

As with our promise of not price gouging our large clients, we will not price gouge the direct consumer. While prices are slightly higher than pre Covid, due to the inflated cost of the raw materials we use, we are not raising prices due to demand.

Our production capacity is now at 500k plus canisters per week and we will continue to expand as long as there is a need.