Supporting Hospitals

The Covid-19 pandemic has stressed many pieces of our infrastructure, but none as much as the Hospitals and Doctors Offices that are on the front lines of the battle. Doctors, nurses and all hospital staff must not only treat those with Covid-19 but they must maintain a safe environment for patients with other ailments. These brave healthcare workers also have to do their best to ensure a safe work environment for themselves.

As if this task was not enough on its own, the pandemic has resulted in a massive shortage of many supplies desperately needed by hospitals and medical facilities. This has put these facilities in bidding wars against each other in a desperate attempt to get the much needed supplies. Vendors have taken advantage of this my exploiting the need and charging exorbitant prices for cheap to manufacture goods.

Wipes have been a product that have been scarce to find. The production in the industry was not prepared for the demand that Covid-19 would bring. As everyone scrambles to catch up it has led to a shortage.

At PurTouch we have made a commitment to the hospitals and medical facilities that we serve that we will never price gouge, in fact we are lowering our margins in an attempt to keep pricing as close to pre Covid as possible. We also have committed to our clients that we will not accept higher offers for product promised to them, nor will be take on new clients if it will affect our ability to fulfill their needs.